Lou Dobbs is dubbed an American hypocrite for bashing immigrants and those who use undocumented workers while it appears that he himself has been using undocumented workers at his horse farm.  It confirms to me again that those who scream loudest about  a thing, we have to keep a close eye on them.  The same thing goes for those who are strident against homosexuals, check them out they may be screaming against themselves, the same goes for those who scream against black people, look in their ancestry they are as black as ever and screaming against their own blackness.  Not surprising  at all that Lou Dobbs might be using and abusing undocumented workers.
Maintaining the ridiculously vulgar lifestyles of the rich and famous is not easy, the rich rely on cheap labour to upkeep their loot because they can’t afford or too greedy to pay decent wages to their employees, so who do they turn to?  the most vulnerable people – illegal immigrants.  Read and be appalled and amused! If we but only try to remove the mote from our own eyes before trying to remote the mote from our brother’s eye!
A 36-year-old Mexican immigrant I’ll call Marco Salinas was working with a group of horses in a stable at the bustling Wellington Winter Equestrian Festival when I approached him for an interview. (Fearing deportation or job loss, Salinas, like the other workers interviewed for this story, asked that neither his real name nor the name of his employer be used.) Several hours later, when he finished his ten-hour workday, Salinas recounted how he had come to the United States five years ago for a job. Seated on an outdoor bench near the stable, the Mexico City native told the story of how he had crossed the Yuma Desert on foot, from the Mexican city of San Luis Río Colorado and into the United States, eluding the border patrol.

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