Dee Harvey Dead at 47

.Memphis singer Dee Harvey dies at age 47
Submitted by WMCTV Web Staff
Memphis has lost another great talent.
Singer Dee Harvey probably best known for the song “Better leave well enough alone” died in California this weekend from complications due to an illness.
Harvey was born in Memphis and started singing with his father at the age of eleven and was cutting records while still in high school.
Harvey went on to record his “Just as I Am” album in Motown.
“I think it was like 91 when the break through album Just As I am made it out on the charts and then when that song, the smash as I like to say “leave Well Enough Alone” was a song that really got him out there and Memphis has just been embracing his music for a long long time,” said Stan Bell from WDIA.

Harvey most recently worked as a backup singer with Rod Stewart.


3 comments on “Dee Harvey Dead at 47

  1. Denzil Devarro says:

    Dee was my running buddy for a year in N. Hollywood,CA.Good brother

  2. Phyllus says:

    How can I get a company of the album Just as I am by Dee Harvey

  3. Carmela Piitts says:

    Dee and I spent time together and shared joyful moments. I miss him dearly. He was a great friend.

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