Poor folks have to stick together

Black, white, brown, yellow or red, whatever is the colour of your social status or level of poverty, know this, rich folks do not give a heck about you.  The capitalist uses anything and anyone at his disposal to leverage his capital.  Those folks in the USA who feels Trump is their saviour need to wake up and open their eyes.  The coal factories he wants to open up again will affect you and your family not he and his.  That coal is going to get into your lungs and kill you sooner.  This is not good for you or for the environment.  This is all about being reckless with the lives of poor folks, as if you do not deserve better. You do.  Open your eyes to capitalism.  It is a beast in its extreme.

The old tactic  that political leaders, old colonial masters and capitalists use is to divide and conquer that pits poor folks against each other.  They do not elevate the poor whites financially but give him an illusive status of claims that he is better than poor or rich blacks and that should make him feel a little better but that don’t put food on your table, and you know it is a pack of lies to hoodwink you to not really seeing what is going on. Read the article below – click on the link



Privilege Unchecked

How far would a parents go to boost their egos

A classic case of the expose recently of parents who have paid big bucks to get their children into ivy league universities? Isn’t it foolish to get your children into the best schools when they cannot even compete in average schools? Aren’t they setting their children up to fail? I get it most parents like to believe that their children are geniuses if they only applied themselves, so they take it upon themselves to act on their beliefs in the best interest of their children. Many of these children are unaware of what deals their meddling parents are making on their behalf, or rather in their own interests as parents do like to brag on how brilliant their little ones are. Even thought some parents could have barely scraped a C grade in their best subject, they do expect their offspring to bring up that grade to A+. Call it parental delusional thought process or PDTP. well they got caught and Americans are going OMG what is the world coming to? As if this is something new. Excuse me, this is the American way. It is built on privileging white people, white people with money, white people in certain class and those with talent in sports. Thanks to the person who said enough is enough and blew the whistle and exposed this practice for what it is. Rampant unearned privilege must be stopped. If you have that much money pay it to give your children private lessons to bring up their score – oh no that won’t work if the children are not interest in learning but obsessed with fashion, enjoying cool bars, be mean snotty brats, preppies or jocks without much substance, in other word clueless. You can take the horse to the river but you cannot make it drink the water. If these parents have so much money sorry to break the news to you, your money cannot buy you a place in heaven or buy you intelligence, some things you do have to earn.