Sean Diddy ought to stick to what he is good at

Obviously, he is not a man of critical analysis or he would not come out with the stupendous statement that President Obama shortchanged black people.  President Obama and first Lady Michelle Obama have done a hell of a lot for the American people including black folks.  He was not a Black people’s president, he was the President of the United States of America and he has done a lot and could have done even more if his hands were not tied by the stalemate of the American Senate.

Celebrities like Sean Diddy who have a voice and a presence in American society ought to be more responsible with their words because ordinary folks believe the crap.

Black Voters ‘Shortchanged’ by Obama Presidency, Says Diddy

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Kanye West and his Multicultural Garbage code for “No Black Girls Wanted”

It is a shame when black men suffering from internalized oppression about their races, come into money because they just make a mess of things with their stupidity.  Have you ever heard of a white man catering to a race other than his own or if he is going to be inclusive he is just that but do not exclude white women but Kanye West and his internalized racist ideals is calling for multicultural women only.  What the hell is multicultural women. Why not include all women – white, black, Asian, Latino  etc. that is multiculturalism not white women with a touch of black.  This is so unfair to black women who not only have to fight racism meted out by whites but from their own race – it is a blooming shame and I pity the fool who doesn’t know when he is being an internalized racist.  What would he say to his late mother who was a 100% black woman.

Black women have to be conscious of who they support to the top. Kanye West is there because of Black women and now he is at the top he is spitting on the people who supported him and set his sight on multicultural women i.e. women who are white but can claim a bit of black.  What a bloody fool.

What Did Kanye West’s Casting Call for ‘Multiracial Women Only’ Mean?

You may escape justice but not the court of the citizens

Money, class and influence can  get you off jail term but the court of the people may not be so lenient as Stanford University Student Brock Turner found out when he returned home after serving half his already lenient sentence for raping an unconscious woman outside a frat party.  Read more