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This is an blog that is dedicated to bringing up to date and current information on what the world is taking about. Sometimes I will give you my indepth thoughts on serious issues.  It is aim at being a fun page. Something to browse through and get a sense or what’s happening in your world; current issues people are talking about and even some gossip about our favourit celebrities. Check out the links to other pages.  It’s all good


4 comments on “parentsunderground Blog

  1. tammy says:

    On behalf of all the alienated parents I felt compelled to write to you in regards to your denouncing Parental Alienation. I am an alienated mother whose once loving and close relationship with my two children has been destroyed due to a vindictive EX. I have all the court transcripts and tapes so I will not get into my story but the judge is very aware of what has transpired. The problem is no one knows how to reverse the damage.
    I suggest you log onto the Parental Alienation Awareness site and go into resources and read the letters from children and parents from around the world who have been affected by this hideous form of abuse.

  2. parentunderground says:

    Thanks for the info and I am sorry to hear about your problem. We have to work together to stop all forms of abuse.

  3. jacadie says:

    i like dinosaurs

  4. Hi, nice to meet you !

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