American Idol Clay Aiken did a kind deed

According to news reports, Clay Aiken former American Idol runner up, 28, has helped his record producer 50, year old Jayme Foster  produce a child via artificial insemination.  Apparently Foster and Aiken are best friends.  There are rumours that Aiken is gay.  Well if he is, this is a great way for him to father a child with a person he likes,  knows and trusts. Hope all goes well. In the meantime Aiken is taking fatherhood in stride. Here he is with his newborn.

The proud papa.

HE’S HERE!” Aiken, 29, writes. “My dear friend, Jaymes, and I are so excited to announce the birth of Parker Foster Aiken (No hyphens. One first name. One middle name. One last name.)” 
Parker weighed 6 lbs., 2 oz. and was 19 inches long. He was born at 8:08 a.m.



11 comments on “American Idol Clay Aiken did a kind deed

  1. vtime says:

    Factually, Clay and Jaymes are two people raising this child together-it’s not a surrogate, ‘kind deed’ situation. They are dear friends, which is a broad term. Clay does not identify himself as gay. Congratulations to the happy new parents!

  2. Get Real says:

    Sorry but I don’t think that God led Clay Aiken to this mess. (Clay Aiken claims to be a Bible reading, scripture quoting, man led by God who seeks God’s divine path to follow) Since when is having babies with your best friends a Christian thing to do? I think that God intended for Husbands (men) and wives (women) to enter into holy matrimony (a covenant with God) and then to procreate. The only birth every spoken of in the Bible without sexual intercourse was that of Mary who procreated by immaculate conception and bore Jesus. Surely…… Naw…..

    In my life I have had many BMFs who were truly Godly, caring, loving men who were so in tune with me, my true sole mates that I never wanted to lose their friendship or not have them near me but it was the love of a “Friend” and never, never, ever have I pondered the thought of having a baby with any of them. Just ewwww!!!

    This story was a first for me and I’m not a young thing. It sounds like something that she (a 50 year old woman) might have contrived from a layover of her “hippie” days where love was free and lovemaking was for anybody, everybody and so why not have babies together also? So they cleaned it up and had a baby withoutd making love. So if we can’t call this a love child what do we call it? And poor child what happens when they aren’t BFs any longer? I know from following his career that Aiken has had many of those who have come and gone.

  3. Picco says:

    There is no kind deed here . Jaymes and Clay live together , love each other and tried in vitro when they couldn’t conceive naturally . According to Clay they are dear friends , best friends but they have never said they are ” just” friends . If you believe otherwise or if you think the gay rumors are true you have been Tabloided .

    Congrats to the proud parents and welcome to much loved Baby Aiken .

  4. Get Real says:

    Get over it…. you need to do as your name says and get over it.

    No I am not a closed minded bigot. I am a devout Christian with a deep abiding faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and his teachings.

    I never said that Clay is gay nor did I say that the baby was conceived by artificial insemination. However, I’ve been in the medical field for many years I do know that most homosexuals have their children by in vitro and not by artificial insemination. So maybe he is gay and perhaps she is too.

  5. vtime says:

    Get Real, if you are really in the medical field, then you surely know that a 50 year old woman would most likely need IVF to get pregnant. Many straight people use IVF and AI to achieve pregnancy, due to fertility reasons.

  6. Get Real says:

    I am just so disappointed in a Christain man, who Clay claims to be, making this decision. Maybe it would have been best all around for them to just remain BFFs.

    I just think that this is such a strange environment for this baby to grow up in. Clay and Jaymes may think that the feelings you have towards a friend is enough to bring a baby into the world but this baby is going to grow up and face the world of ridicule. Not caring about that is selfish to me.

    And then there are the medical possibilities of a 50 year old women givng birth that could face him down the road. Just because he appears to have been born healthy doesn’t necessarily mean that he will always be. There are too many pssibilities. To throw caution to the wind and not care about those possibilities is also very selfish.

  7. Greg says:

    Why are you talking about Clay being a bible quoting person and saying that donating sperm to his best friend is an unChristian thing to do? Don’t you think the fact that he is GAY is a larger issue for you? I could care less because I think you bible thumpers are the biggest morons on the planet! ButYou are saying that you are upset that he donated sperm, yet you don’t address the fact that he sleeps with MEN! You can say that he has never admitted to being gay (because it would ruin his career) but he has never denied it! He is fruitied than Jack on Will and Grace!

  8. Kelley says:

    You all have way too much time on your hands… Personally, If god did not want there to be gays or even such thing as invetro; then he would have not made it such a thing. Let Clay & Jayme be happy.. A Child is a Gift from God, no matter how he came into this world.. And he surely has 2 amazing parents to love him unconditionally. Shame on you all for your negative comments. Every child is born for a reason. Atleast, Baby Parker will have 2 understanding and welcoming parents if he chooses to be Gay, Straight, have long hair have purple hair have blue eyes or black.. Unlike the rest of you so called “followers of God” Maybe you all should actually open up the bible and read it carefully.. Christ Loves All… He Loves YOU doesn’t he…

  9. Get Real says:

    Yep you’re right God does love us all. Warts and all but he doesn’t like all that do. And before you quote the rhetoric of the “new age” religion about how God is all about love, maybe you should open up the Bible and read that he is also about obedience, surrender, and sacrifice. God and this baby are not to blame for the transgressions committed here any more than the family and/or children of a murderer or a thief. There is one beautiful thing about God, he does not force us to do or not do anything. He gives us our own free will. So don’t blame God for the birth of this baby and don’t blame the baby for the acts of these irresponsible parents who obviously didn’t care what this baby would have to go through for the rest of his life.

    I almost feel sorry for Clay. I am now beginning to believe that he is pretty messed up mentally. First he changes is name from that of his biological father and takes his Mother’s maiden name. How many people do you know who do that? Then he is so wrapped up in and tied to his Mother that he can’t even have a normal relationship with a woman so he impregnates a woman old enough to be his Mother and then gives this child the name of the one person who had ridiculed and given him so much grief in most of his troubled life. That being Ray Parker.

    I think that Clay needs help. Of course I think Jaymes does too.

  10. Jack says:

    Especially since it’s been confirmed that he’s gay now (so they don’t have to have a relationship), I can’t believe he didn’t bone her. That would at least give them two a little bit of fun. Artificial insemination? If you have to give your juice to someone, why not do it in a way that’s fun for both of you? Unless I guess he found sex with a woman disgusting.

  11. Maam says:

    Me thinks “Jaymes” is a MTF transgender and “Clay” is a FTM transgender… and probly the 28 year old gave birth here… not the 50 year old. Reversos. Past “gay”. And NOBODY a “Bible believing Christian” in that couple.

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