Celebrities making a difference

The collaboration of musicians with social action groups and international organizations to end poverty and create a better world for this and future generation is an idea whose time has come and ought to be continued. I believe that musicians and all the rich folks around us have come to understand that making money for money sake is not enough but when you do it to help others it is that more sweeter.  Our celebrities are being responsible citizens and should be lauded for it.

  Recently musicians, will.i.am. and Angelique Kidjo, actress Kristin Davis and model Elle Macpherson were instrumental in helping to launch a new campaign that is designed to cut global poverty in half by 2015.

“How can we continue this injustice and move forward, how can we prepare the next generation not to repeat the same mistakes that are happening today?” said Kidjo, who is from Benin. “As an African artist, as an African mother, as an African person I cannot just standby.”

Dignitaries including Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan, UN Secretary-general Ban Ki-moon and economist Jeffrey Sachs along with many  celebrities attended and participated in the event.

  Kristin Davis, who also serves as an ambassador for Oxfam and has traveled to several countries in Africa to support the call to end poverty spoke to reporters after the opening event, said “Leaders are ultimately responsible for the commitments they made to end poverty by the year 2015.  We’re halfway through that mark. Those promises have not been kept in terms of the funding and what we are trying to say is that we are paying attention.

YouTube has teamed up with will.i.am, and non-governmental organizations GCAP, Oxfam International, Save the Children and Comic Relief to help spread the message that poverty around the world needs to be eradicated.

The company launched a new channel on its site Thursday where users can upload a video stating their name, home country, and a message to their government about the need to meet the poverty goals.

Steve Grove, head of news and politics for YouTube, said the company will accept videos until Nov. 1, at which point will.i.am will mash up all the videos into another version of the song. He then will present it to world leaders and broadcast it directly to the U.N.


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  2. I like this post too. You should check out my post about Right Wing Hollywood. It kind of addresses another side of this issue. I’d put a trackback if you had it enabled, but it isn’t hard to find on my site.

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