Motivational Speaker, Robel Kidane Eritrea speaks in Winnipeg

robel-kidane.jpgRobel Kidane an Eritrean-Swedish motivational speaker and  counselor . Mr Kidane who resides in Sweden is a psychologist and specializes in mind-body relationships. Mr Robel Kidane has been part of the Rwanda genocide reconciliation Committee and he is an expert in  cultural impacts that affect immigrants in general and Eritreans in particular. He is invited in Winnipeg by the Eritrean Community In Winnipeg to present a week  session-seminar on “Knowing Your Inner Self” in English and Eritrean languages. Mr Kidane has done several seminars in all major European Capital , in 15 cities with refugee population in the USA and in Toronto and Calgary. Presently he is in a tour in North America addressing intergenerational issues and impact on developing healthy families in refugee population from Africa.

 Mr. Robel discusses how to keep yourself healthy. He usually talk about excuses that people give for not satisfying their own needs – no time, no money, the children, work and the many hundreds of other excuses. He used the cycle of life of how people postpone the things they need to do like exercising, eating healthy food, taking care of their bodies and enjoying life from one phase of their life to the next. They then find themselves in the twilight of their life. He said now is the time. He advised people to not live in the past and not live in the future. The time is now.

  This event will be held at the Success Skills Centre and sponsored by the Department of Labour and Immigration.


27 comments on “Motivational Speaker, Robel Kidane Eritrea speaks in Winnipeg


    Dear Robel Kidane:
    How do you do Ato Robel Kidane? I hope you are fine and doing well. I am very much impressed and intrigued by your sychological advice which I get from my friends . It is about satisfaction of life especially in abroad.
    since your message are very much helpful would you please inform me where can get your resources. Currently I am living in homeland ( Asmara Eritrea)
    Thankyou in advance!!
    Yours Sincerely ,
    Teklehaimanot Zere

  2. Medhanie Tesfamaryam says:

    hi brother robel how u doing?you dont know me i heard about you from a friend of yours.His name is Musa.he is a teacher in KSA Jeddah.Anyway we are inviting you to come here and give us a sychological advices about reletion ship between kids and their parents.This will mean a lot to us especially to the parents. Thanx and God bless you.
    From your biggest fun Medhanie T/maryam.

  3. hirut says:

    I were in awassa when you were presnted about motivation but Ican say that I do not have agood knowlege can you help me

  4. abi w lukens says:

    Dear Robel, greetings from san diego. I have been listening to your CD & i must say it is a very useful & helpful understanding of one’s inner self & human behavior in general. I am a believer from a young age that knowing yoursef is a gate way to understanding who we are & the people around us. pls. let me know if i can organize a workshop in san diego, or if there is an amharic version of your CD. many thanks, Abi

  5. tamrat yemane says:

    Hi Ato Kidane

    am proud you .am from ARC Addis Abeba .I get a lot of benefits from you .you impressed me .can i get your documents and cd’s .please help me .

    Thanks in Advance

  6. rezene says:

    DEAR Dr,robel kidane i am surprise by your cd that is verey interested and teachable .i am living in swizerland i found your cd from my friends . i am so apricait to you .

  7. yohannes says:

    Does any one know Dr. Robel’s contact info. Please help, any one who has his e-mail.

    Thank you.

  8. Ferealem Sorensen says:

    Dear Mr Robel, I appreciate what you are doing: you are very passionate about improving our emotional life, as you intend it, it is happening. I am passing it along and many are blessed by it. It was my prayer someone like you will rise up, and help us with our imotion, and you did, bless your soul. Would you inform me, where I can get the rest of the resources please?

  9. kbret meles says:

    Hey, Doctor Robel kemey tikewin.
    Ane bi elal endegena Cd natikka ewen semie nere
    Bitaemi eye adinikkeka kab libi. Mikniyatu ab wishitey atikka slezitezarebika . Bihaki bihaki Amilak fltetikan hiwetikan beti tideliyo mengedi yekaneelika endabeliku, Cd bikkemey kemzirekibo tsegimuni alo emo gele habereta entehabikani bithitna yihatit
    Yekeniyeley , sesenayu niakan nibetesebikan nifetewtikkan.

  10. mengistu tadesse says:

    how are you ato Robel ? where are you now ? I am thinking about you ….. because of you
    my life is changing … please reply ….

  11. Thomas Teklemariam says:

    hi deokter robel kemey tkewen hade hawey alo btsuhufatka degides emo kulu nisu ditsehafo enkolay CD liakeley eluni emo bikemey kirekbo yekel wey balika kitshtele tkel entekonka bikemey kirekbeka ane ab sweden eye dikimet eti hawey gen ab kali eyu wey telfonka gidefeley emo kidwlelka bitami yemesgneka yekeneley

  12. sara says:

    Dr. Robel it was refreshing to attend the seminar when you were in the US. We need more(African/eritrean) doctors like you that can help so many, since you have the understanding and background of the mental,emotional struggles that an immirgrant goes through. Thank you for your time.

  13. george kifle says:

    1st of all I would like to congratulate you for a job well done by, traveling to different countries and helping people for our emotional and psychological stress. We are struggling at this time. Having said that, I would like to purchase your CD or DVD and would like to know how I can do so? Thank you very much and I look forward to your response.

  14. Ghebru Berhe says:

    Hi Dr Robel realy i am very hapy with your idea any way if posibl can you respond me at my email .

    Sincerly yours
    Ghebru berhe

  15. Leguanite says:

    I hope he reads this and get back to you

  16. Berhe Belay says:

    Dear Robel Kidane realy you are one of the good advicer. Thats way i need to to exchange my email with and i am very happy to Ge your advice, so if posible and you have time i will expect your answer

    Thank you

  17. Berhe Belay says:

    Dear Robel Kidane Again how i can contact you?

    Thank you for answer

  18. abrham says:

    mejemeria kemey tikewn tinaka dr robel kidane bmkital hade neger kithgzeni btihtna ewkeseka ane abrham haile edmey 25 ab israel arbaete 4 amet geire aleku hgi gn hade 1 amet ykewn /envection/ nay resi malet /alergi/ nay afnta neyru hji gne nab resey deybu btaemi ykunzo hkmna abzi adi malet israel aygdesulkan youm hji gele habereta kabaka ytbey aleku

  19. Berhe Belay says:

    Hi Dr Robel how i can contact you?

  20. helen menghisteab says:

    hello dr.kidane
    my name is helen .i live in kenya .i have a big concern about the eritrean refgee .i am working to found a union of eritrean counsellers . i am psychology student .so can you give me an advice and if i can i want to contact you .
    thanks alot

  21. mohamed farah says:

    hi robel its mohamed farah i tray to contact to u put u r phone allways showing off when u get ur maseg pls contact to me

  22. medhanie says:

    how i contact to u Dr robel

  23. Rosaria says:

    The only two negatives I could find were the cost and availability
    of service. Keep your page simple and make sure your graphics are relevant to the page.

    After a few weeks my wife made me bring it home because it is
    better than what we have at the house.

  24. selam says:

    Hi please where I am getting your cd and your email address
    Thanks God bless you

  25. Misgana says:

    Can I have direct advice from u through may email address if I ask questions.

  26. Ghenet mesfin says:

    Hei Dr Robel Kidane
    Jeg hvil bare si det du er en av de beste Adviser jeg har hørte hit til.jeg har en glade liv jeg blir mer glade jeg er så stolte at vi har son deg.
    Ghenet ☺

  27. Robel says:

    Mr. Robel has good ideas based on training and life experience. However he is not a doctor.

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