President Obama speaks the language of the day

President Obama is using the internet to connect with the people and to answer their questions directly rather that have the media interpret his meaning, most of which they get wrong anyway.   Check out this link from digiphile and get the scoop:


Wanda Sykes headed for the White House

55046871Wanda Sykes, 44 year old Black comic who came boldly out of the closet recently to stand up alongside her sisters in Las Vegas and take her place as a Black lesbian in her community to protest against proposition 8 will headline at the White House Correspondents’ dinner on May 9, 2009. She hopes there will be some fumbles and mishaps to feed her comic element but if there is none, you can trust this great comedienne to come up with something that would be quite palatable to the ear.

   Sykes admitted that she is a little scared at performing for such a high-brow crowd but says it is exciting nonetheless.

    I have no doubt that Sykes will stand her own against the stuffed penguin crowd. Her earthiness coupled with her bluntness should cause some to slacken their ties and have a belly full laugh. She is good at what she does. I wish her good luck.