Poor folks have to stick together

Black, white, brown, yellow or red, whatever is the colour of your social status or level of poverty, know this, rich folks do not give a heck about you.  The capitalist uses anything and anyone at his disposal to leverage his capital.  Those folks in the USA who feels Trump is their saviour need to wake up and open their eyes.  The coal factories he wants to open up again will affect you and your family not he and his.  That coal is going to get into your lungs and kill you sooner.  This is not good for you or for the environment.  This is all about being reckless with the lives of poor folks, as if you do not deserve better. You do.  Open your eyes to capitalism.  It is a beast in its extreme.

The old tactic  that political leaders, old colonial masters and capitalists use is to divide and conquer that pits poor folks against each other.  They do not elevate the poor whites financially but give him an illusive status of claims that he is better than poor or rich blacks and that should make him feel a little better but that don’t put food on your table, and you know it is a pack of lies to hoodwink you to not really seeing what is going on. Read the article below – click on the link



Why are people kept alive when no one wants them anymore?

When parents become old and requires care let’s face it most children no longer want them around. They satisfy their conscience by placing their loved ones in nice homes in the care of strangers.  Except that when no one’s looking no one’s caring for these people who have contributed to society in their day and now they are left to wallow in their own urine while staff feign work overload.

Why is euthanasia not legal? I believe it is because so-called caring for old, confused people have become big business and when that happens we know it is all about the bottom line. There has to be profits.

I often wonder with so much riches in Western countries, would it be so hard for one of their children whom them cared for so well show a bit of love by building a little room unattached or attached to their homes and have workers come in to take care of them in an atmosphere that they can oversea, ensuring that their loved ones are not abused or neglected in any way.  When someone’s watching the care is better.  If when our loved ones get old we throw them away in nursing homes, why for the love of humanity do you keep them alive. Some of these people’s existence is worst than animals. Come on people it time to show some loved to those who have showered you with love, cared for you and worried about you so much.  What goes around comes around and you’re looking at your own live in the future  if no accident or terminal illness takes you first. Have a heart people.  Please read the article below and get a sense of what is happening to our loved ones in these thrash houses.