Foreshadowing for Women

A young woman was sent home home from prom night because her dress was deemed to be evil and would generate evil thoughts in men. How ludicrous and an insult to men. Are they saying men are so weak that they will flip at the sight of a beautiful woman?  I think men should feel offended by this stereotype of them.

What about woman’s thoughts about men in their clothes? Do they know what girls or women  think  when they see a hot looking guy? You cannot judge what people think. We all have our private lives of thoughts and imaginations and for some idiots to try to prejudge what others might think about a particular thing only reveals their own thoughts. They are the ones with their dirty thoughts which they are trying to project on boys and men.

Sometimes I wonder if we are living in the hell hole of a remote village in Pakistan or in the most developed country of the world?  This just does not add up.

The homeschooled teen said she complied with the dress code but that as soon as she walked inside a teacher stopped her and told her the dress was too short. Clare pleaded her case and showed the teacher that the sparkly, silver dress met length regulations – and was ultimately let inside. Then when she was dancing with her friends she noticed some of the male chaperone’s on a balcony “ogling and talking amongst themselves.” A little while later the teacher returned claiming that the fathers were complaining about her “provocative dancing” and said that the tall teen was “going to cause the young men at the prom to think impure thoughts.”!slide=252695


And I thought Nigerians were the bad guys

scammer's daughterscammermom

Seriously, what would it take to get it through people’s head not to send money to strangers. Really I do not think this couple deserves jail time. It’s free enterprise and if people want to send their hard-earned money to strangers let them – maybe they have a lot of it. If they were suffering they wouldn’t send money away like that. At some point people have to take responsibility for their stupid actions. Unfortunately we sometimes have to pay to learn. It’s life’s university – education is not free in the U S of A.
If someone you do not know ask you to send money for any reason, check it out first with the POLICE or your Consumer’s Bureau – make sure it is legit before dishing out cash.

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ShareFacebookTwitter.Million-dollar dating scam mum and daughter jailed Karen Vasseur posed as a “military agent” to collect money from duped victims Continue reading the main story
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Mother lost £7,000 in dating scam
Dating scam ‘vultures’ condemned

A mother and daughter who used an internet dating scam to steal $1.1m (£700,000) have been jailed for a total of 27 years.

Denver-based Karen Vasseur, 63, and daughter Tracy, 42, tricked victims into thinking they were talking to US service personnel looking for love.

The prolific scammers duped 374 victims in the US and 40 other countries.

“Not only did this mother-daughter duo break the law, they broke hearts worldwide,” police said.

“It is fitting that they received stiff sentences for their unconscionable crimes committed in the name of love and the United States military,” said Colorado Attorney General John Suthers.

Both women pleaded guilty when arrested last year.

The younger woman faces a 15-year sentence, while her mother was given a 12-year sentence.

Tracy Vasseur received an additional four years for crimes relating to an attempt to gain control of her children’s inheritance, and for “attempting to influence a public servant”.

Military ‘agents’

Colorado authorities said the pair ran an operation which included several other members who have not been caught.

This “staff” would do the leg work of targeting potentially vulnerable people on popular social media sites or dating services.

Tracy Vasseur received the longer sentence for her part in the scam
From here, they would concoct a story that they were in the US military, and were in need of money for various reasons – the most popular being travel costs, or satellite phones to “talk directly” with someone.

Once a victim appeared ready to pay, they were instructed to transfer funds to the two women who posed as “military agents”.

One transaction was as high as $59,000, court documents said.

Although the pair were responsible for administering the scam, the court said the majority of the money was quickly passed on to other accomplices across the world.

Money was most frequently sent to contacts in Nigeria, but also to individuals in the UK, India, UAE and Ecuador.

African Woman Trafficked into Slavery in America

African woman was made to work for free for two years without payment. She was lured to the USA by a family who claimed to be minster of a religious group. the woman who had an interest in cooking was told she would cater the wedding of the pastor’s sun.That never happened. There was no wedding and the woman was kept in the based and served this couple like a slave. She was also loaned out to work for others and her boss took the money. The Case is now before the courts.

Wherer can a girl go to be safe? Unbelievable!

Something’s Up
Cops Plead Guilty to Helping Plant Drugs on Woman Sexually Harassed by Judge – A judge responded to an assault victim by demanding sex in exchange for ‘legal favors’ in her divorce. She filed a complaint, and he sent cops to plant meth in her car.

With a plot out of a Hollywood movie or a gripping Lifetime TV show, a mesmerizing drama of sex, power, frame-ups, planted drugs, and lies unfolded in real life in Georgia when two Murray County sheriff’s deputies recently pleaded guilty in federal court for their part in a scheme to send an innocent woman to prison. Now both deputies await sentencing on charges of obstruction of justice and perjury stemming from an FBI civil rights investigation into the odd goings-on Down South.

The woman in question, Angela Garmley, had filed a complaint with the Georgia Judicial Qualification Committee alleging that Chief Magistrate Judge Bryant Cochran solicited sex from her in return for legal favors in her pending divorce. Shortly after Garmley filed her complaint, she was arrested on August 14, 2012 in sleepy Chatsworth, Georgia, and charged with possession of methamphetamines.

“My client was set up and framed with methamphetamine drugs by Judge Bryant Cochran, whom she had accused of soliciting her for sex in exchange for legal favors in a case she had in Cochran’s court,” attorney McCracken Poston told the Chronicle.

Poston, a former Georgia state representative from nearby Ringgold with a reputation as a crack attorney, is representing Garmley in a civil lawsuit against Murray County. And Garmley isn’t alone. Since this scandal broke, three women who worked in Cochran’s court have filed a separate lawsuit against the judge and the county claiming Cochran sexually harassed them while county officials negligently failed to protect their rights.

“The judge, two deputies, and a handyman named C.J. who is employed at Judge Cochran’s property conspired to plant the drugs on my client. And if the frame-up hadn’t been discovered my client would’ve been facing 25 to 30 years in prison,” Poston said, echoing the allegations made it the lawsuit.

Although the drug charge was dismissed a week later at the request of investigators when the frame-up wax exposed, Garmley is still suffering the consequences of her false arrest. Under Georgia law, it takes one year for the charge to be removed from Garmley’s record, and the arrest has already cost her.

“My client was denied a much higher paid job due to the felony drug charge on her record and what the judge and cops did to her. Nobody should have to suffer like that,” Poston said.

Could you believe Some Americans still living in the Segregation Era

For a country that is supposed to be leading the world, some of the backward happenings there makes me shake my head.

In 2012, a restaurant refuses the business of Black people because they are black, not because their money is black or anything but because of their skin colour? It is so sad and sickening at the same time. 

Why all the racist people in the world pick an island in the Ocean and go live there. These people are not equipped for our evolving world of diversity, differences, inclusions, multiculturalism and all that. Some of them are still wondering where their slaves went to and might still be in the bushes looking for them. Come on people, wake up. This is a new day. The old day is gone and we’re moving on. Those who can’t move on might just be like Lot’s wife and become dinosaurs.  The article below explains my disbelief!


The Most Racist Restaurant in America?

Maker’s Mark Bourbon House and Lounge wanted to know the ratio of “black people to white people” for an upcoming party–then denied African Americans access.

December 20, 2012  |  

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The Maker’s Mark Bourbon House and Lounge in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, used to be a decently classy place, the type of glass- and wood-paneled establishment striving for a level of authenticity beyond the reach of a chain restaurant named after a bourbon label.

Late this past August, however, the Bourbon House and Lounge officially became one of the most despicable restaurants in the country when it denied African Americans access to a public event held at the site.
Here’s what happened: Andre Mulligan and his brother went to the Maker’s Mark Bourbon House and Lounge on August 17 to speak with officials from Maker’s Mark Bourbon House and Lounge about a public event to be held at the restaurant the next day. At the meeting, Maker’s Mark wanted to know “the ratio of ‘black people’ to ‘white people’ attending the event” explains Mulligan in his lawsuit against the establishment.

It’s time to talk about Mental Illness

These days more parents and families are opting to live with their children who are mentally ill, even though it might be challenging beyond beliefs and upset the rhythm of the household. Raising or living with a person who is mentally ill could be like living in hell all day long and sitting on pins and needles.
Yes, it is no fault of the children or the people who are mentally ill. It is disease like any other but one with great risks to the self and others including bystanders. Parents are not equipped to care for a mentally ill child if they are not in the medical profession and even in that case because of the close bond and unconditional love that exists between family members, even though the parents are medically capable their judgement could be clouded.
Most of the killings that have occurred in the USA and elsewhere that appear to target children and innocent people are usually committed by people who are suffering from a mental illness. The interesting thing is that in most cases the parents or guardians are aware of this fact but hope for the best for their children.
What to do with a child who is mentally ill and has to go to school? Should such children be allowed to go to regular school or should there be special schools with teachers and nurses and psychologists as part of school staff to give regular counselling and help to these children? The average teacher does not have the skills to deal with a mentally ill child. Many parents do not have the skills to deal with their mentally ill children but many see it as their duty to keep those children at home.
Ms Lanza knew about her son’s illness. She tried to help. Did he kill his mother that morning because she refused to let him take out the guns? Did she try to stop him from carrying out his plans? We may never know. What we do know is that Adam Lanza cannot be blamed for something he was incapable of understanding because of his mental illness. Who pays? Where is the justice?
I believe in addition to the easy availability of guns in the USA it is time to reassess how we deal and treat people with mental illness. What are the tools of assessment we use to judge whether they are fit to carry on a normal life.
The story below is a chilling one and deserves to be read if you have a child in school or have a child with a mental illness.