Poor folks have to stick together

Black, white, brown, yellow or red, whatever is the colour of your social status or level of poverty, know this, rich folks do not give a heck about you.  The capitalist uses anything and anyone at his disposal to leverage his capital.  Those folks in the USA who feels Trump is their saviour need to wake up and open their eyes.  The coal factories he wants to open up again will affect you and your family not he and his.  That coal is going to get into your lungs and kill you sooner.  This is not good for you or for the environment.  This is all about being reckless with the lives of poor folks, as if you do not deserve better. You do.  Open your eyes to capitalism.  It is a beast in its extreme.

The old tactic  that political leaders, old colonial masters and capitalists use is to divide and conquer that pits poor folks against each other.  They do not elevate the poor whites financially but give him an illusive status of claims that he is better than poor or rich blacks and that should make him feel a little better but that don’t put food on your table, and you know it is a pack of lies to hoodwink you to not really seeing what is going on. Read the article below – click on the link



Cristina Kirchner is Crowned as Argentina’s President

argentina-pres.jpgHilary Clinton must be watching this handover of power with great interest as she stands a chance of being among two record breaking phenomena in the United States. She could be the first female President and also the first First Lady to take her husband into the White House as First Man.

Nestor Kirchner did his wife the honours by handing over the Presidential cane  and lovingly draping the traditional blue and white sash over the shoulders of Cristina Kirchner’s shoulders as Argentina’s newest President.  The act  is a symbol of passing power over to the new president.

 One wonders how much power will Nestor still have as the First Man or will he  be the shadow president.

   It is something that appears to be happening more  theses days and may become even more popular in the future where you have husbands and wives taking turns in being in the top job.

 I really think Nations ought to look at this practice.  I do not think it is healthy for democracy.  A couple should not try to extend their time in power by switching hats. What if after the husband and the wife swap power, the son and his wife swap power and then what you end of having is a dynasty.

   Cristina is the first female to be elected leader in Argentina in 191 year history according to the New York Times. Some believe it is her husband who helped her achieve such a status. Though others would argue that she is a woman in her own right and has been in politics for some times, like our Hilary Clinton.

  In her acceptance speech she called for a  “reconstruction of multilateralism,” saying that “a unilateral world is a more insecure world and more unjust.”

   She is aware that she will be faced with challenges for being a woman leader that her husband did not face.  She paid homage to female role models like the beloved Eva Perón and “to the women in the white handkerchiefs,” referring to members of the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, the group that fought relentlessly for information about their “disappeared” loved ones during Argentina’s military dictatorship.

“They dared to go where nobody else did,” Mrs. Kirchner said, her voice cracking as she looked up at some members of the group waving from a second-floor balcony. “Mothers and grandmothers of the homeland.”

  This is all good and I wish her well but I do not think a couple should be able to cut it both ways.  You either share power with your husband or wife but you can’t have it all. That weakens the strength of democracy to have a couple in power for that long.

Good luck to you Madam President, may the forces be with you always