Congratulations to Nancy Abu-Bonsrah

Blacks have brains just like everyone else and when given the opportunity can contribute greatly to the betterment of our society and the world.  Racism is out of fashion let unity and diversity prevail. The world will be so much better.

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Dr. Ben Carson receives America’s highest Awards

President George Bush presented the world’s leading pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson, 56, director of Pediatric neurosurgery, John Hopkins Hospital, with the 2008 Presidential Medal of Freedom. Dr. Carson has worked for the hospital for 33 consecutive years.

Here is what the plaque reads:: “Dr. Benjamin Carson is a pioneer in pediatric neurosurgery, and his life is a testament to the power of education, hard work, and faith. His groundbreaking contributions to medicine provide hope for people suffering neurological disorders, and his tireless outreach to America’s youth underscores the importance of academic achievement and humanitarian service. The United States honors Benjamin Carson for his skill, his vision, and his dedication to motivating others to strive for excellence.”The president said his story began “in a poor neighborhood in the heart of Detroit” where “many young people lost themselves to poverty and crime and violence” and “young Ben Carson was headed down that same path” for a time.

Dr. Carson came from humble beginnings in a poor neighbourhood in Detroit city.  President Bush credits his single mother, Sonya Carson,  who had a hard life having married at 13 and then left to raise two boys by herself. She placed high premium on education and enrolled her boys in the library. Each week they had to check out a number of books and write reports which she promised to check.

 They never knew until they were adults that their mother could not read the words they were reading in the book. Dr. Carson is a credit to his race and to the United States of America and to single mothers all over the world. Congratulations, Doctor.