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Are you in Toronto on the 13th June – Check out Maiko Watson Show – Moskito Bite – 423 College St. W

Live show at a new spot near College and Bathurst on Thursday June 13th… with full band! Shamakah Thefatback Beat, Daniel Cowans, Michael Peters, Andrew Stewart, Anna Daisy Paul and Ammoye Evans! We are so ready to put on a great show for you guys!! Soulful and upbeat!
Get ready to preview some new songs and well as some that have been reworked. And make sure to wear your dancing shoes! Looking forward to seeing everyone!
With love,

Maiko Watson at 88 Days of Fortune – Toronto Island

Artists are doing it for themselves – being both aritists and entrepreneur and this group of 21 artists both musicians and spoken word, is sponsoring their second annual festival title “Wylin on the Island.”  Even though it was a coolish day, people came out to support this effort.–the-artists-who-know-how-to-party

  • The 21-member collective has evolved out of the recognition that members have to hustle their own gigs if they want to find success in the city’s super-saturated arts/culture/entertainment scene, says co-founder Ayo Leilani.

    “That’s exactly the whole purpose . . . to create our own opportunities and not to rely on other people to make our wishes and fortune come true,” Leilani said.

    Musician Brendan Philip, who describes his style as “future soul,” puts it more succinctly.

    “We were all trying to find a way to plug into the scene,” said Philip.

    Even the group’s name is a blend of blithe artistic spirit and sound business judgment.

    Leilani consulted an online psychic who told her that her future holds 88 days of fortune, when she would “meet all the right people.” The email ended with an offer to divulge those days for an inconsiderable amount of money.

    “I thought, ‘I don’t want to pay . . . but actually, I like that name, 88 Days of Fortune,’” Leilani recalled.


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These are the founding members of 88 Days of Fortune