Crude depiction of President Obama is Racist

The Meck Deck, an official blog of the Art Pope-funded conservative John Locke Foundation, this week published racially-charged and homophobic imagery of President Obama in a piece this on the president’s opposition to North Carolina’s proposed anti-gay marriage amendment. The post, which claims Obama is merely pandering to gay voters, is accompanied by an image of Obama in apparent drag while sitting next to a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The Meck Deck’s slogan is “Comment and analysis on all things Charlotte.” The blog’s “About Us” link takes readers to site of The John Locke Foundation, and the blog appears under the Locke Foundation banner.

The piece itself, which shows a date stamp of Monday, March 19, 2012, is written by Tara Servatius*. Servatius, a former right-wing radio commentator for Charlotte’s WBT AM, is a regular contributor to the Meck Deck. (UPDATE: Servatius also runs the MeckDeck Twitter account, and authors a good share of their posts.)

The John Locke Foundation is one of the leading groups in Art Pope’s conservative network in North Carolina. According to IRS tax records, since 1994 Locke has received more than $24 million from Art Pope’s family foundation, making Pope by far the largest funder of the group, and making the Locke Foundation far and away the Pope Foundation’s biggest grantee. Pope also sits on the Locke Foundation board.


What kind of people are you who show no respect for your President? Those people who have little respect for themselves.  The caricature is racist and offends African American people  – it might not have been so bad without the Kentucky Fried Chicken – would you have put a white president with KFC, if not why? White people eat KFC as well.  However there is a historically negative connotation with fried chickens and  African Americans which makes this picture so disgusting.  Just when you think things are getting better this happens and throws a wrench in the dream of an equitable life in the USA.  We have so-called intelligent people having to resort to the banality of  stereotypes to make a point. How sad and ignorant. What are children learning from these people? Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere and everyone deserves to enjoy their basic human rights and if you have a problem with freedom you are free to migrate  to China or Iraq or Iran. Maybe you will be happy there. Let freedom reign in America.