President Obama speaks the language of the day

President Obama is using the internet to connect with the people and to answer their questions directly rather that have the media interpret his meaning, most of which they get wrong anyway.   Check out this link from digiphile and get the scoop:


Bait and Switch

Now that google has the world wrapped around its efficient service and have us all hooked into free information gathering and loads of goodies through Gmail and its other nice products, it is now moving to consolidate its gain. A new so-called privacy policy that Google will introduce in March gives google permission to access users personal private information. While it purports it is to increase our enjoyment of Google, now with the full information about how we operate on the internet, sites we look at and what we buy etc. google will  be able to target advertisements to us much more efficiently.

Maybe it is not the end of the world or such a bad thing but the point is there is no opt out clause. You either comply or change the way you work on the internet and that would be a difficult thing to do. Who can survive cyberworld without Google, certainly not me. Welcome to friendship with benefits.

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