Blacks are moving down south


Blacks are moving back to their roots in the south. What does this mean? Have Blacks arrived? Are they enjoying  the subburban quietude that Whites appear to be addicted to or are Blacks moving to where the grass is still looking greener.  Whatever the reason, it is great to see people heading home to be role models for those they left behind and help their communities to grow and prosper with the new skills and resources they take with them.

“The notion of the North and its cities as the promised land has been a powerful part of African-American life, culture and history, and now it all seems to be passing by,” said Clement Price, a professor of history at Rutgers-Newark. “The black urban experience has essentially lost its appeal with blacks in America.”

During the turbulent 1960s, black population growth ground to a halt in the South, and Southern states claimed less than 10 percent of the national increase then. The South has increasingly claimed a greater share of black population growth since — about half the country’s total in the 1970s, two-thirds in the 1990s and three-quarters in the decade that just ended.

The percentage of black Americans living in the South is still far lower than before the Great Migration in the earlier part of the last century, when 90 percent did. Today it is 57 percent, the highest since 1960.

“This is the decade of black flight,” said Mr. Frey. “It’s a new age for African-Americans. It’s long overdue, but it seems to be happening.”


Thought for the day

Shakespeare was absolutely right – all the world’s a stage and you are on it! It means we all have many roles to play. That means never identify with your role, or you will get very stuck and very stressed. You are not what you do. Your job, position, vocation are just roles. Play the role, never think you are the role – this is the art of making life creative and fun. All great actors dislike being typecast
and seen to be good for one particular type of character
or role. There is no role you cannot play, if you really want to play it. Which is the same as saying there is nothing you cannot do, if you really want to do it, nothing you cannot be, if you really want to be it. You can even be a Queen or King. You may not have a throne or a court of advisors, but you can create and express all the qualities and behaviours of a ‘royal’ character – dignity, respect, humility, caring…and many more. Be a ‘royal’, sit on your inner throne with dignity and self respect, and you will see many other royal qualities
emerge through your character. And then…you will feel royal.