How the Rich Folks Get Away with Murder

People have to wake up to the privileges of the rich and famous people in the world. The Poor, lower class across all race should stand as one against the formidable forces of the rich.  You have more power than you think but you have to stand together.  This is injustice that no one is talking about.pot injustice


Why are governments holding out on Pot

Even though there are tons of research showing the medicinal powerhouse of marijuana governments are digging their heels in. I am beginning to think that they are just kowtowing to big pharmaceuticals who want to keep something that really works from the general population so that we can continue to be hooked on their drugs and perpetual side-effects.

We know the dangers of tobacco and what it is costing us in lives and in finances yet tobacco is still a legal drug. I don’t get this. Can someone explain this madness to me.

Cannabis is curing cancer and other chronic ailments but people cannot access the drug as they like forcing people to go underground. I believe that everyone should be allowed a few plants in their homes for medicinal purposes.

We need the public to be stronger than the lobbyists in calling for a ban on tobacco and legalizing of pot. It’s time.

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