Africans lead with highest academic achievements in the USA

African immigrants are known for their voracious appetite for higher education. They make the continent proud. Congratulations



Young African Musician creating musical waves

When the playing field is level, talent shows up in every corner of the globe, in every race, creed, ethnicity and or social class.  Children need a fair break to learn and to explore their talents. I share these because in the past we were led to believe that only Caucasian people were smart and talented.  We all were told some big fat barefaced lies.African-teenager-music

How the Rich Folks Get Away with Murder

People have to wake up to the privileges of the rich and famous people in the world. The Poor, lower class across all race should stand as one against the formidable forces of the rich.  You have more power than you think but you have to stand together.  This is injustice that no one is talking about.pot injustice