Mental Health

Are we doing enough for those struggling with mental health problems? This illness knows no boundary. Like any other illness it can happen to anyone and there is no shame in this even those around us are sometimes shamed by mental illness in someone close to them. The stigma of being weak or that the person has caused this through some kind of negligent behaviour still presents obstacles to those who are suffering mental illness.  It need not be so, if we look at mental illness like we may look at diabetes, cancer, arthritis etc.

Mental illness is the Cinderella of illnesses.  There is nothing sexy about it and people try to distance themselves from those have this illness, people with mental illness are treated as less than, and sometimes ignored when the illness persists in spite of the help they may be receiving from family and friends.

It is a lonely journey and many times instead of seeking help people prefer to end it all. Take for example the recent death of a successful black female judge in the United States. She appeared to have everything going for her, a highly successful career as the first black and Islamic female judge to sit on the Bench, yet mental illness appeared to have eaten her to death.


A second high profiled figure to talk about his mental illness is Prince Harry who has claimed to have suffered throughout his 20s and did not know what was wrong with him.   The people with mental illness need our love and compassion.  More research needs to be done to help them live quality lives like those suffering from other illnesses are helped to do.

Prince Harry

It’s time we take mental illness out of the closet and began treating those high and low alike like human beings having a chronic illness. People will mental illness do not belong in jail but in a hospital for treatment.

It is hope that these high profiled individuals will continue to unravel the secrets or mental illness and slowly pull it from the closet and into the open.



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