Racism is taught and it is child abuse


Carlotta Ferlito, don’t be mad with a better athlete than you, everyone has their gifts and I am sure you have yours.  Maybe you have to work a little harder instead of taking the easiest way out by being a poor loser and blaming the colour of a person’s skin for your loss.  How ridiculous. Blame your parents, your church, your society for injecting you with racist ideas that are unfounded. You did not expect a black girl to win  in a field that blacks were prohibited from competing in years ago. It shows when everyone is given a fair chance the cream of the crop always rises to the top but racist societies try to control nature by controlling access to equality of opportunity.  Today is a new day and many societies are trying to do the right thing, however, you must be open and willing to change or you will never be a champion. You have to be prepared to unlearn the lies you were taught about the black race and maybe you will achieve your dream of being number one. Your negative attitude is what may be keeping you back.

Good luck




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