Harambee’s murder set off a firestorm in America

Is it time for age limit be instituted for zoos. This past week, the world was stunned by the action of zoo keepers at Cincinnati zoo when a child found his way through the fence and into the restricted home of gorillas which resulted in zoo keeper’s decision to kill the endangered silver-back gorilla to presumably save the child which was not evidently in danger at the time of the killing.

A zoon is a dangerous place and that is why animals are fenced it. Parents have a responsibility to watch their children to protect them from any danger from the animals. The Zoo also have a responsibility to ensure that  the animals are secure and there is no way that even another stray animal can enter let alone a child.  If a child can crawl under a fence or barricade then the animals are not securely fenced it.

It is a no win situation. It seems as if the zoo keeper did not do all it could to save the animal who was minding its own business and who did not ask to be there.

My stomach is churning over this whole messy situation.  Check out the link below




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