Now that She’s got your attention Miley Cyrus shows her naturally good side

Last year it was twerking and jerking and Miley Cyrus received a tongue lashing from the public who refused to see her as young woman and not the pure Disney character. She had to go over the top to get people to notice that she was all grown up. The judgments of folks were fast and furious. However, Miley has reprieve herself by doing something no one has done before – asking a homeless person to receive an award on her behalf. How cool is that?
Her parents raised her right, after all. She cares about people and is jumping on the cause to end youth homelessness. I am very proud of her.

Capping Video of the Year for her “Wrecking Ball” video, instead of accepting the trophy herself, she skipped the stage altogether and sent a homeless teenager named Jesse to pick up the award on behalf of an organization dedicated to helping runaways and homeless youth to deliver a short speech intended to raise awareness about the issue, MTV reported.

“My name is Jesse and I am accepting this award on behalf of the 1.6 million runaways and homeless youth in the United States who are starving, lost and scared for their lives right now. I know this because I am one of these people,” the young man read from a note card. “I survived in shelters all over the city. I’ve cleaned your hotel rooms, I’ve been an extra in your movies, I’ve been an extra in your life. Though I may have been invisible to you on the streets, I have a lot of the same dreams that brought many of you here tonight.”

The young man instructed viewers to then go to Miley’s Facebook page where the starlet is asking Americans to donate money to “ My Friend’s Place” a homeless center for young people in Hollywood, evoking an emotional wrecking ball.


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