Foreshadowing for Women

A young woman was sent home home from prom night because her dress was deemed to be evil and would generate evil thoughts in men. How ludicrous and an insult to men. Are they saying men are so weak that they will flip at the sight of a beautiful woman?  I think men should feel offended by this stereotype of them.

What about woman’s thoughts about men in their clothes? Do they know what girls or women  think  when they see a hot looking guy? You cannot judge what people think. We all have our private lives of thoughts and imaginations and for some idiots to try to prejudge what others might think about a particular thing only reveals their own thoughts. They are the ones with their dirty thoughts which they are trying to project on boys and men.

Sometimes I wonder if we are living in the hell hole of a remote village in Pakistan or in the most developed country of the world?  This just does not add up.

The homeschooled teen said she complied with the dress code but that as soon as she walked inside a teacher stopped her and told her the dress was too short. Clare pleaded her case and showed the teacher that the sparkly, silver dress met length regulations – and was ultimately let inside. Then when she was dancing with her friends she noticed some of the male chaperone’s on a balcony “ogling and talking amongst themselves.” A little while later the teacher returned claiming that the fathers were complaining about her “provocative dancing” and said that the tall teen was “going to cause the young men at the prom to think impure thoughts.”!slide=252695


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