Robin Thicke one of Juno’s 2014 Headliners was a no-show

For many R&B fans it was a big disappointment that Robin Thicke’s  did not show up to do his Blurred Lines routine on the Juno main stage. Prior to his arrival a bunch of feminazi’s started a petition to have Thicke barred from the event.

I find this very disappointing and disempowering to the artist to have this sort of censorship on their work. Most of the art we see today, most of the stuff that comes out the mouths of our political figures, priests and community leaders can be found traces of misogyny. It is buried in the culture, in our institutions and in the very fabric of society, much like racism is.  Do go around and picket all these people? It would be insane.  I do not know if the Thicke’s blurred lines is misogynistic or not but I do like his R&B take on the song.

Musicians and artists depend on the public support for their livelihood. If people are not in favour of their work, you have a choice not to support. Do not buy their records, do not go to their shows, do not buy Juno tickets but do not try censoring artists. It is a free country and we are guaranteed freedom of expression and freedom of thought and even though I may not agree with someone, I will defend their right to express their art freely.

I think there is a fine line activist women are walking when they try to control people’s thought. It may be a bug that will come back to haunt them.  There are so many other battles to fight. This is not one in which they should waste their energy. Women also are free agents and they willingly participate in acts some might judge as misogynistic.  Are we saying that women are not capable of making up their own minds, they need big sisters to protect them?


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