This article is about a teacher who was put on paid leave because she tried to answer a question from one of her students who asked her what is the difference between the N-word and Negro. In explaining the teacher actually used the N-word and word got that the word was used.  If Black cry wolf at these nonsensical incidents then people might just think they are just a bunch of complainers. 

In my opinion the N-word was used in its proper context of teaching. If a child asked a question they deserve an honest answer and no one should be afraid to use the N word  when it is in  a teaching situation. In putting so much emphasis on the N word it is gaining more strength for those whose intent is to hurt. Lighten up a bit word-watchdogs.  I applaud those who stand up for rightness when people are careless about using the N-word or use it to dehumanize Blacks or others.


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