Child abuse produces dysfuctional adults like Justin Bieber

michale jacksonjailmiley-cyrus-vma-2013lindsay lohanJustin beeberMany of the child stars whom we love and admire as children are loathed when they grow out of that sweetness and into people we now condemn because their behaviour is out of sync with our expectations. Our expectations of these child stars is that they will be role models for our own children. It is not fair to the stars. Do you know their lives? Have we considered how we have contributed to their downfall by supporting child labour. What else do you expect of children who grow up too fast, placed in the care of vultures to whom the child is just a product. Somehow once a child is making tons of money, it is okay for them to work but when a child in India or Africa is working in the field to help their parents put food on the table, work that would help them be better, caring people, we are quick to call that child abuse and cry “down with child labour.”
What is the difference between a Justin Bieber, a Michael Jackson, a Miley Cyrus and a child working in a factory in India? So let’s don’t blame the children, blame the adults who allowed this to happen.


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