Animal abusers seek the skirt tail of the Government to protect them

What if the foods that come to our table through inhuman practices are what is causing the rise in incurable diseases? What if these diseases like Cancer, Lupus, Ms and the rest are lessons for us to learn and when we turn a deaf ear they come at us with more strength and destruction. When will we learn that we can all co-exist and the purpose of life is not to accumulate more and more wealth, bigger and bigger stuff that could be passed down from generations to come, our job is to take what we need for ourselves and leave the rest for other.

I believe if farmers do the right thing they will not have to fear investigators. In fact they might even stand to gain by getting more people interested in what they are offering.

What if the government refuse to choose between the farmers and the animal protectors and let the chips fall where they maY?

What else is possible for us? What are the choices that we are refusing to consider that could open new doors of possibilities in the farming industry?


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