A giant footprint remains after the man leaves this world

I am talking about Nelson Mandela’s legacy. How do I describe the man, how do I put him in one of those neat little boxes? there is no box for this man, Mandela. He defined all odds. Was he a saint or just one of the smartest men in the world? Did he receive some messages from above in his cell, was he destined to be great even though the path was so precarious. How did he survive Robbin Island in tact? Where did he develop such compassion for his enemies? Who was this man Mandela?

All that I know is that I loved him even though I have never met him. I loved his energy, his teaching and what he stood for.

I urge Africa not to let Mandela down. You have been given a light in him, let it lead you to true freedom, let it lead you back to your ancestral goodness. Lead your people with compassion, lead them with faith in their abilities, be honest. Mandela could have hogged power, because he had the people on his side but he chose to relinquish leadership and stepped down while giving others the opportunity. By giving he became one of the greatest, most loved and respected statesmen every lived.



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