If you feel a little subdued, pain in the gut and a slow swing coming on – it may be the Turkey you just ate

Many people these days are all about animal cruelty, which is a good thing but what about the cruelty of the food you actually put in your body like cruelty to the turkey and chickens. Do you seriously think that foods that have been abused could do your body any good. All foods like that would do to you is make you fatter and uglier and make you hate yourself .

It’s coming up to Thanksgiving and Christmas and lets admit it, it’s turkey season.  Make sure you know that the turkey that ends up on your table has been treated humanely and with kindness and not contaminated with stuff you would not give your worst enemy – prozac, beer and arsenic. Unbelievable!

Everyday I wake up I thank my lucky stars that I have made the decision to be a vegan/vegetarian.  I can’t stand people mucking around with my food and my health. Health is wealth my friends. – take care of it and don’t leave it to business to do so all they are taking care of is their bottom line – $$$ and more of it as your expense.




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