The demise of a man

Former music director of the award-winning fugees will not see the light of day in this lifetime. The 55-year-old Aswad Ayinde has been sentenced to 90 years in jail for the abuse of his six daughters with whom he fathered children.

When a man commits such a act one has to wonder is he in his right mind? I think not. His thinking had to be skewed by some delusion. Ayinde’s reason for fathering children with his own daughters was to secure pure bloodline in preparation for doomsday. Did he not know that in securing pure bloodline he could have easily procured children with all kinds of genetic maladies.

I think the punishment Ayinde received fit the crime.  It’s too bad that the punishment came too late to save any of the girls. However even if Ayinde was crazy he was sensible enough to keep his crime hidden by homeschooling his children.  One has to ask the question, how much autonomy should parents have over their children? Even though most parents protect their children with their lives, others fall through the crack of care.  There must be a place for parents but also a community oversight to protect children from despicable parents.

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