The Rich make Billions on the labour of the poor while they like up at food banks to make ends meet

This is evil. How rich can the rich become and still want more? Is there not an end to their wants. We all have to die and leave everything behind. We go as we come with empty hands. How can they eat themselves to death while other’s starve to death working for them.
I believe that people should stop looking for JOB and start looking at themselves as entrepreneurs whose product is their labour. If people start refusing to work for pittance live sustainable lives, help each other out like the old days we will see what will happen to corporations. They are nothing without workers. You as the worker have power and we should all begin to use it by refusing to live in unsustainable ways. Grow our food on a patch on land and return to a simpler life, stop watching TV because it constantly speak to our lack instead of our blessings.
As you can tell I get ticked off when people have to work two or three jobs to put a roof over their heads and to eat three square meals when rich people are working us beyond recognition. Something has got to give, something has got to change. People have to say enough is enough.


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