Research Shows women under-reporting sexual harassment

Research shows that women are still the major target of sexual harassment in the workplace and that many are failing to report these incidences. Sexual harassment is a debilitating experience for most women who face this atrocity in the workplace largely by males many of whom are married men who try to get their kicks from unsuspecting women coworkers. How can we stop sexual harassment in the workplace? When would men learn that women are there to work not to satisfy their sexual fantasies. I believe that there should be stiffer compensation for this offense, that it should hurt employers pocketbooks that probably will motivate employers to take this seriously and men would learn that the consequence of sexual harassment could cost them their jobs. In many of these instances it costs women their mental health.


2 comments on “Research Shows women under-reporting sexual harassment

  1. raumanticz says:

    Imo, sexual harassment of the sexual nature is 1 kind of harassment or to put it more strongly ‘abuse’. But another perhaps more insidious sexist harassment is the repeated undermining by a male of a female colleague including comments abt her lack of professionalism when she does or says something that he is threatened by E.G. She tells the truth abt an incident & he harasses her because he’s moving into self-protective ‘damage control mode’ & he wants her to recant just like the Roman church did then burnt the hairesis [Greek for choice makers/free agency]. When his badgering doesn’t work he tries his ‘My label accords me authority over you. That doesn’t work so he threatens her with an even higher authority-the boss or god. He is so indoctrinated by christian [or other religious worldview] that its impossible for him to think outside that square & to top it off there are women privileged as honorary patriarchs who help him stab his chosen victim in the back & climb over her corpse. Happily, without integrity, reaping the Judas reward.

  2. Leguanite says:

    Thank you for your comments. Lots of food for thought.

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