Miley Cyrus’ performance exposed society’s underlying sexism

Singer Miley Cyrus performs "We Can't Stop" during the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards in New YorkIt seems like the entire world came down harshly on Miley Cyrus because she refused to live up to their expectations of her. The reaction of the public was shameful and embarrassing. While they heaped their judgments on the young women there was silence about the behaviour of the older gentleman who was part and parcel of the act.
Miley Cyrus proved the point that risqué behaviour pays big because she almost shut down the social media by the tremendous amount of tweets and FB comments about her while she was having a marvellous time on stage. It’s show business and it if you do not have the stomach for it, don’t watch those shows because chances are you will see something that you have a problem with. Those who have expressed extreme distaste for Miley’s show must know that we are all mirrors of each other and when we are offended by the behaviour of another person we are in fact offended by that same behaviour in ourselves. We may wish we could be so brave but we are not so we project our disappointment on the young woman. I think people need to get a life, live their life and let others live their’s. No one holds a gun to anyone’s head and force one to look at TV shows.


2 comments on “Miley Cyrus’ performance exposed society’s underlying sexism

  1. raumanticz says:

    Sadly, Miley’s performance was choreographed by some person who is selling sex not music. The response was sexist”-hated Miley but like the song & Robin Thicke.” I asked my 88 year who went out & purchased the EP/CD-” mom, can you hear the words?” “No”, she admitted but was it was gud music to dance to. Wasn’t that wat Miley was trying to do? Actually, Miley couldn’t carry it off.

  2. Leguanite says:

    Did you mean 88 year old or 8 year old. Personally I do not know what the hype about Robin Thicke is about. You’re right I cannot hear what he is saying but people seem to like the dude e.g. Oprah!

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