Putting square Pegs in round holes never work

chelsea manning

When would society allow the Creative plan to unfold rather than attempting to stuff people in some kind of predestined hell. There are more people out there than we care to admit who are living confused lives in the hell fire of their bodies created by someone’s perspective on how we should live as human beings.

Chelsea Manning, convicted to 35 years in a federal prison has announced that she is transgendering
read the story below:

One day after being sentenced to 35 years for leaking classified documents to WikiLeaks, Bradley Manning announced he would henceforth live a a woman, no doubt a challenging path to pursue while serving a long prison sentence.

Early this morning, Manning’s lawyer appeared on the Today show to read an exclusive statement from Manning announcing that he is slated to begin hormone therapy in a push towards gender reassignment, and would like to be referred to as Chelsea Manning by the media at large, and with feminine pronouns. This comes, of course, a week after the Army released a black-and-white photo (or, as the young ones call it, a #selfie) of Manning in wig and make-up as part of



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