A young woman saved the day for 800 elementary school children

When Antoinette Tuff left home last Tuesday morning she had no idea that she would return home a hero and also that it might have been her last day on this side of the coin. Do you believe in accidents? I don’t. Everything is orchestrated according to how we are aligned. Antoinette was aligned with her source that day and she responded as naturally as anyone could in the circumstances. She spoke of love and she normalized the situation for the young man.She shared her own hard luck story with him. She made him feel he was not alone and she understood and cared about him. I hope he receives the help he needs and not dump in a prison. He does not belong in a prison but a hospital. Love is the most powerful energy transmuter in the universe and when we respond with love instead of hate to any situation, the outcome can be unexpected.

Read the story below and listen to the conversation Antoinette had with Diane Sawyer



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