What’s does Chris Brown Need to be Happy

I recently read that Mr. Brown had a seizure and attributes it to the negative shower he has been receiving from ex-fans, the general public and the media. Chris Brown it appears cannot do anything right for anybody these days and all his efforts at taking control of his life have been thwarted by those who call for a ban on Chris Brown all because he was involved in a fray with his girlfriend Rihanna and she ended up with bruises.
What Chris Brown did was wrong but Rihanna has gotten past that. There are so many men in power who have abused their wives and children with whom we are more forgiving, what collective button does Christ Brown push in us. He is just a kid and was just a kid when he made that mistake. Does he have to pay for his mistake with his life or is there more to this story. I’d like to know.
Give the kid a break, instead of tearing him down, let him know some good things about him.


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