What’s going on? Are you returning to the dark ages?

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Tiger Woods Barred From British Open; U.S. Players Stay Silent

Posted: 07/17/2013 7:18 am
Tiger Woods won’t be playing at the British Open. Muirfield, the club hosting this year’s event, has barred blacks from membership throughout its history, and this year extended the honor to players. Woods appeared disappointed but accepts the decision. “. . . they’re entitled to set up their own rules the way they want them,” he said. “It would be nice to see everyone have an equal chance to participate… but there’s nothing you can do about it.”

There’s been some protest, but only a little. Alex Salmond, the first minister of Scotland, says the club’s decision is “indefensible in the 21st century” and he’s planning to boycott the Open.

Here’s what I came across recently:

Italian Integration Minister Cecile Kyenge (ALBERTO PIZZOLI/AFP/Getty Images)

ROME, July 27 (Reuters) – Italy’s first black minister, a target of racist slurs since her appointment in April, has condemned a spectator who threw bananas towards her while she was making a speech at a party rally.

Integration minister Cecile Kyenge, who was born in Democratic Republic of Congo, has angered far-right groups with her campaign to make it easier for immigrants to gain Italian citizenship.

Shortly before the incident on Friday, members of the right-wing Forza Nuova group left mannequins covered in fake blood at the site of the rally in Cervia, central Italy, in protest against Kyenge’s proposal to make anyone born on Italian soil a citizen.


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