Tell me what’s happening, what’s going on, what’s gone wrong?

This summer has been one of very unpleasant surprises. Some say it is because of global warming, others say it is because the earth is renewing itself but whatever it is a lot of lives are changed forever. In Canada we are not accustomed to the level of natural disasters we’ve been experiencing lately beginning with the Alberta flood, followed by the flood in Saskatchewan, then now in Toronto? On top of that we have the train disaster in Montreal which almost wiped out a small town in the inferno which followed the gas tanks explosion.
The light in all this is the resilience of the human spirit and the natural tendency to help those in need by even giving away the shirt on one’s back.
What is the lesson in all this?
1. We cannot fight nature. Nature rules everything. We must obey its rules
2. Stuff is stuff. It is not important.
3. We can live with much less than we think.
4. The most important thing in life is your life.
5. Model the gypsies. Carry what you own on your back. It is all you need. Anything else is greed.


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