Snowden is a Traitor to his Country.

Was there no other option for him? Couldn’t he have asked for an audience with the President to express his concern and try to solve the problem or at least make an effort. To put one’s country in harm’s way like this is unthinkable.  Does Snowden realize that America is one of the most hated countries in the world and there are those who would want to do serious harm to the country and its citizens. Many see American democracy as a threat to dictators everywhere so this is like a god sent reason to blow off America.

Cuban citizens would not dare to do that to their country. Fidel Castro would have executed swift justice, China also would not nor any of these countries that are showing a willingness to hide this misguided young man. He needs to be return to America to face the American justice system. If he would betray his country and his people would he have sympathy for people in worst situation, would he be able to hold his tongue when a Cuban talks about how frustrated they are with a government that controls everything they do or would he expose Cuba, Russia or Ecuador as well.These countries are not known for their generosity in terms of individual freedoms and rights.

Watch out, this is a hot potato. This is a publicity stund by Snowden.  He’s waiting for the million dollar movie and book-deal. He should not be allowed to profit from his criminal behaviour.


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