How can Monsanto stop farmers from saving seeds?

There is something that seems so wrong about this. Why can’t farmers save seeds from their crops to replant the next year? Why should someone be able to patent seeds in perpetuity? I believe as a society we need to have a conversation about this.  Besides why do we need artificial seeds when wheat, corn and barley have been around for hundreds of years. It is no wonder people have become allergic to foods they once enjoyed because wheat is not wheat anymore, it is Monsanto’s invention, and so is corn, barley and the rest of Monsanto’s so-called inventions that have taken away real good food and got us hooked on these fat causing alternatives.   I say we boycott these big business manipulative strategies and get back to basics.  Big business food manipulation is killing us slowly.  Haven’t you noticed people are dying much younger than generations before. Children are dying before their parents because this nonsensical food we eat does nothing for us but give us unwanted fats and bad cholesterol.


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