Americans held hostage to their gun-loving politicians

When would America stand up for its own people who are being massacred by their own with wanton randomness. At least you can spot Islamist Terrorist and they have a purpose for doing what they are doing but when people are killing because they can and have a gun at their disposal that is condoned by the powers that be, that is a way bigger problems for Americans.

You send your children to school and whether they would return in one piece is another problems. It seems like there is a concerted effort to attack schools. Why Americans are terrorising its citizens. Why are so many being killed by people with easy access to Gun? When would politicians develop the spine they need to speak out and get a handle on the guns rather than rushing to foreign countries to stop war. You have the biggest war under your nose and can’t do a damn thing or don’t want to do a darn thing about it or so it seems.

Americans demand more protection from its own.


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