How many times will we say Never Again

Women are under attack by male hierarchy who cannot stand the fact that women are independent agents and not a man’s fantasy. The more women and girls resist oppression, the more their lives are in jeopardy. What will it need for women to be safe. Perhaps it should become mandatory for all women starting from kindergarten to learn the Marshall arts. Those men who beat women are cowards and they will think twice about even raising their hands to hit a woman if he knows she can flatten him to the ground in seconds.
Women and girls need to choose partners wisely and maybe taught the signs of an unripened man because those are the ones who causes problems for women. They are not matured, they cannot recover from a loss or rejection – those men should go to finishing school to learn how to become a real man – unlike self-realized men. They endure their pain and know that life goes on and something even better may be around the corner for them.
I feel sick to my stomach every time I hear that a man has killed a woman because she did this or that. There is no reason for a man to hit a woman. She is not his child. He is free to leave her if she does not live up to his expectations and vice versa.
Time for action. There has been too much talk already. Women need to come up with a plan.


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