Star Athlete accused of Murder

Why would a man who has it all would risk everything even his life to control another human being? Short answer that man is sick, he has a mental problem, however that should not prevent him from standing trial.

Even Valentine’s Day violence isn’t as rare as some would hope. Within the last few years, one man chopped up his wife into little pieces and scattered her body throughout the woods near their Michigan home; another shot his former girlfriend five times; a third stabbed an old girlfriend to death; a fourth bashed his wife’s head in.

Still, violence enacted by male athletes–particularly national heroes like Pistorius–poses a particularly vexing problem for a society that seems to fall in love with all the wrong people, almost as if our tabloid culture itself suffers from battered women’s syndrome. Or maybe the fawning and obsessing of the 24-hour new cycle’s glow itself contributes to these bursts of male aggression, creating the invincibility complex that afflicts many “great” male celebrities. The DSK syndrome, one could call it.


2 comments on “Star Athlete accused of Murder

  1. Kathleen says:

    Is this a blog for parents to share concerns about their kids and substance use?

  2. Leguanite says:

    Thanks for your comment. Discuss anything you want pertaining to your children and any problems at all. All we as is that we show respect for other’s opinions.

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