This makes me mad – SILENCE NO MORE

How can this be possible that a pedophile can get away with his crimes for 40 years in plain view. Sometimes I think we set the bar differently for people who are celebrities or people who are influential in raising funds for charitable dollars. The money blindsided us and our children perish.
Anyone who have been privy to this criminal behaviour ought to be called to account for his or her actions.
I think there should be a neutral chaperone in situations where children are looked after by adults and there should also be opportunities for children to speak to a trusted individual in case they are troubled by anything at all. Sometimes children do not want to tell their parents or teachers when bad things are happening to them.
I believe it is time to have a world-wide anonymous service for children to speak their minds freely and resources available to them for counselling.
Abuse of children by adults is becoming far too common. We are not outraged enough. There should be a world-wide mourning and march for abused children. We need to do more. Like the Aboriginal slogan – Silence no more.

Published: January 11, 2013
LONDON — Scotland Yard and Britain’s leading child welfare group drew a horrific picture of more than 200 cases of sexual abuse of victims as young as 8 by the BBC host Jimmy Savile in a report released on Friday, and prosecutors admitted for the first time that “shortcomings” in interviewing some of the victims allowed Mr. Savile to escape prosecution before his death at the age of 84 in 2011


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