Plagiarism is bad for a career in academics

Chris Spence,  Director of Education for the Toronto District  School Board  found it out the hard way when he was found to commit this serious academic sin in an op-ed article he wrote for the Toronto Star. Why would someone try to pass on another person’s opinion as their own? Is it laziness on the part of the author, plain stupidity or simply incompetence?
     Spence is a PhD and ought to have known the importance of citation. By acknowledging his mistake, the University from which he graduated has started their own investigations into his dissertation. He stands to lose a lot if the university finds the same practice.
    Spence appears to be a man who knows his work but that was not enough for the Board to ask him to stay. He has committed a fraud and they had to let him go.

“As the director, the expectation is very high. So it’s actually more incumbent than it is on anybody else. I mean, we’re supposed to be setting the example for the system,” Chris Bolton, Board Chair told CBC News
Let that be a lesson to all those who practice plagiarise or those who are too lazy to make the citation, it can be a costly mistake for you too.


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