It’s time to talk about Mental Illness

These days more parents and families are opting to live with their children who are mentally ill, even though it might be challenging beyond beliefs and upset the rhythm of the household. Raising or living with a person who is mentally ill could be like living in hell all day long and sitting on pins and needles.
Yes, it is no fault of the children or the people who are mentally ill. It is disease like any other but one with great risks to the self and others including bystanders. Parents are not equipped to care for a mentally ill child if they are not in the medical profession and even in that case because of the close bond and unconditional love that exists between family members, even though the parents are medically capable their judgement could be clouded.
Most of the killings that have occurred in the USA and elsewhere that appear to target children and innocent people are usually committed by people who are suffering from a mental illness. The interesting thing is that in most cases the parents or guardians are aware of this fact but hope for the best for their children.
What to do with a child who is mentally ill and has to go to school? Should such children be allowed to go to regular school or should there be special schools with teachers and nurses and psychologists as part of school staff to give regular counselling and help to these children? The average teacher does not have the skills to deal with a mentally ill child. Many parents do not have the skills to deal with their mentally ill children but many see it as their duty to keep those children at home.
Ms Lanza knew about her son’s illness. She tried to help. Did he kill his mother that morning because she refused to let him take out the guns? Did she try to stop him from carrying out his plans? We may never know. What we do know is that Adam Lanza cannot be blamed for something he was incapable of understanding because of his mental illness. Who pays? Where is the justice?
I believe in addition to the easy availability of guns in the USA it is time to reassess how we deal and treat people with mental illness. What are the tools of assessment we use to judge whether they are fit to carry on a normal life.
The story below is a chilling one and deserves to be read if you have a child in school or have a child with a mental illness.


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