500,000 strong protestors against Donald Trump

The Dump Trump protest, which went viral this week, is demanding Macy’s to drop real-estate mogul Donald Trump as one of its celebrity spokespersons. The petition cites Trump’s history of “unpleasant, nasty and despicable behavior,” personal attacks and sexism toward women, including his own daughter, and perpetuation of the “racially charged birther conspiracy theory” against President Obama as a severe misrepresentation of Macy’s corporate values. More than 50,000 signatures on average have been added daily this week.  Read the full story here:


If you feel like participating in the “dump Trump” parade, you can do so by boycotting Macy’s. In a capitalist country, money talks and if women use their number powers they can bring down Macy and Trump, so let’s go dump trump and Macy’s as well. What better time to do it than now.


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