Vegetarian lifestyle accounts for 96 year old man’s virility

SONIPAT:  Ramajit Raghav – the world’s oldest man to become a father – has now become the latest and the oldest ever poster boy of PETA. Floored by his virility, the  PETA has roped in 96-year-old Raghav, who hails from Kharkhoda town in Haryana’s Sonipat district, to promote its campaign on vegetarianism the world over.

Raghav, a farm labourer had become the oldest man to father a child on October 5 this year when his 53-year-old wife  Shakuntala Devi had given birth to a male child at a government hospital. He had surpassed his own world record of fathering the child at an old age as the couple had their first child in November 2010 when Raghav was 94.

Raghav has been a strict teetotaler and a vegetarian and this was exactly what PETA was looking for in their next poster boy. PETA is planning to connect fertility with vegetarianism using Raghav’s “unprecedented feat” as an example in its campaign and will put up his posters near fertility clinics all over the world.  Read the rest of the story here


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