Is there a heaven or a hell somewhere?

How many of us have grown up fearing the wrath of a loving God – sounds contradictory doesn’t it?  Those of us especially who comes from a Christian background are riddled with guilt and fear of going to hell where we would burn forever in the hottest fire you can imagine. That should be enough to keep us in line. Unfortunately neither the hope of a heaven or the fear of hell has done much to really make us worse or better people. I think it is because somewhere deep inside of us that just did not make sense.

Well here is a priest who might provide you with some relief – you are not alone in your belief.  The Church, this bishop claims created hell to keep us in line.

I tend to believe that our heaven and hell are within us. Some days maybe we create a heaven for ourselves and other days it is hell and so the pendulum swings. Click on the link and watch the video – glad to hear what you think


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