Legendary comic reflects on a wonderful journey

Lily Tomlin by far is one of my most favourite comics of all time. She has a way of delivering her punch that makes you laugh and think at the same time – what the heck am I laughing about?  She is talented, engaging and truly knows her stuff. Remember her in 9-5 with two other stellar actresses? Her one woman show on  Search for signs of intelligent life in the Universe was a big hit.  I saw that a few times. That is hilarious. I wish I was within distance of her upcoming venue at Casino Rama, I would certainly like to see her up close and live. That is so much better

“About five years ago,” she says on the phone, “I fell over a speaker. I fell like a gazelle. It was a huge speaker and in the dark it wasnt marked and I just pitched right over it. I rolled into a perfect somersault.”

A spry 72, Tomlin has been rolling with whatever life throws her way since she began a stand-up comedy career in the mid-1960s. She hopes audiences flip for her this time when she returns to Casino Rama on Oct. 7.

Her one-woman show features plenty of multi-media clips from the past, allowing Tomlin to share stories on characters that date all the way back to her “Laugh-In” days. They include Ernestine the snooty phone operator and bratty rocking chair kiddo Edith Ann.

If you are close by check it out, you will come out with a pleasant belly-ache from laughing out loud.



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